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Crohn's Treatment - INFLIXIMAB

Posted by Megan McConnell

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in the summer of 2012 after being admitted into hospital with bad lower bowel symptoms. I was perscribed a course of steroids through a drip as well as several blood transfusions. After about 5 days I was allowed to start eating again. I was told to adhere to a (little and often) LOW FIBRE DIET supplimented with the prescribed Ensure Plus drinks.

I didn't really know a lot about Crohn's before my diagnosis, but i was aware that it falls under the umbrella of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and that Ulceritive Colitis affects the body in a very similar way.


I was told by my doctor that I was going to be prescribed on the INFLIXIMAB Infusion drug. This course of treatment involves going into the hospital every 2 months and having the drug administered intravenously over the course of several hours. There can be many side effects with this drug, as is common with all major treatment, but I have been very lucky in that over 10 months of having the INFLIXIMAB treatment I have felt really well and had no major complaints.


I know that everybody's bodies are different and can react in different ways with Crohn's Disease (especially without any treatment!!). I guess it's just seeing what works best for your body (with the help of qualified doctors) and avoiding those key foods/drinks that trigger any major problems.



How Infliximab Works:


  • Infliximab works by fighting against a chemical called TNF​ (Tumour Necrosis Factor)

  • The TNF chemical causes inflammation

  • Infliximab is also known as Remicade

  • The Infliximab drug is administered intravenously

  • This treatment is generally offered over the course of a year, further observation is then required.






The Infliximab drug is so expensive that researchers are now trying to find a method to help determine which patients will benefit from the drug and which patients may have side effects.


Check out the article below to find out what these Denmark researchers have been up to...

For all the information you'll want on the INFLIXIMAB drug, how it works, any side effects etc check out this document from CROHN'S & COLITIS UK

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