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Posted by Megan McConnell

When any of us are having health issues the first thing we do is drastically search the internet for any side effect, disease, cure and we often can get very confused and taken in the complete wrong direction.

My knowledge of what Crohn's Disease is, is constantly expanding as I've realised that everyone is different and every body will function in it's own way.

Of course I believe that what you put in, you get out!!


I came across this website and a lot of the issues that it was directed to was everything that I was experiencing, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, tiredness etc and so I decided to sign up to her Newsletter. 


Any articles that I think could help I will post up & hopefully you might take something useful from it.



The three dangers with Crohn's


Crohn's can actually hit you from three different directions.

And unless you know about all three ways it can hit you (and more importantly what you can do to help), you can be left needlessly suffering and trying to pinpoint "trigger foods" that don't exist.

Here is lowdown on the 3 dangers of Crohn's, and what you can do to address each and start feeling SO much better:




Crohn's danger #1: Foods & Combinations That Are Hard To Digest


Crohn's can strike any area of the digestive tract but it usually affects the lower section of your small intestine and upper area of the colon (known as the ileum).


It's characterized by chronic inflammation which leads to the typical diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, fever and rectal bleeding.

So if your intestines are inflamed, you should do whatever you can to help keep things quiet in there...and by far the most effective thing you can do is make sure your digestion is efficient.

Thorough digestion helps encourage easier bowel movements. And smooth passage of wastes means less chance of irritating intestines that may already be VERY sore and tender.


What has been shown to be effective for Crohn's sufferers (as well as people with other gut problems) is pairing certain foods that digest well together.

You see, eating foods together that your system can't break down completely is basically putting out the welcome mat for a Crohn's attack.

But when you eat food combinations that break down efficiently, you help your body accomplish calm, regular bowel movements and help minimize intestinal irritation.

And that's what I will teach you the Great Taste No Pain digestive health system.

In the Great Taste No Pain manuals, I'll tell you exactly what to do, what to eat and how to structure your meals so you'll help minimize irritation and feel great after every meal.


Many people with Crohn's report relief from pain, diarrhea and bleedingalmost immediately...and they're thrilled beyond belief! (You'll see stories where that's what happened below.)




Crohn's danger #2: Autoimmunity


Crohn's is an autoimmune condition, meaning your immune system sees normal bacteria or molecules in the intestines as dangerous invaders and launches an attack.


When this happens, you fly to the closest bathroom with inflammation, pain and diarrhea.

But you can help fight this reaction by helping to make your immune cells a little stronger and smarter.

You see, having a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your gut helps to encourage more of your immune system's natural anti-inflammatory cells to form.

Plus, your friendly flora help "smarten up" the other cells in your intestinal tract so they are more likely to treat normal molecules as friends--not enemies.

The best way you can help your body to achieve and maintain a strong population of beneficial probiotic bacteria is to take a top-notch supplement.


Like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.

Unlike drugs and steroids that can actually SERIOUSLY HARM your other bodily systems, Super Shield safely and naturally helps encourage more anti-inflammatory Regulatory T cell to form.

It also helps keep your digestion efficient and encourages regular, smooth-sailing bowel movements as well.




Crohn's danger #3: Gluten sensitivity


Studies have shown that many Crohn's sufferers are also very sensitive to gluten.


And if you happen to be one of them and don't avoid gluten, it won't matter WHAT else you do -- you'll continue to suffer!


Many people with Crohn's have seen tremendous relief once they eliminated gluten from their lives. It's kind of like the "magic answer" -- the one thing that few people know about but it makes all the difference in the world for so many.


Now, if you suspect gluten is an issue for you, but can't imagine going gluten free, don't worry because avoiding gluten not as daunting of a task as it seems.

Especially when you have Great Taste No Gluten to help you along.

The Great Taste No Gluten manuals teach you all the ways gluten is disguised in foods so you can make sure you're avoiding it 100%, as well as give you substitution charts for many common gluten free ingredients and meal planning suggestions to keep ALL of your meals easily digested.


And the gluten free recipe book contains over 160 scrumptious gluten free delights which your whole family will LOVE, whether or not they have a gluten challenge.


If you have Crohn's, you are officially now armed with other, more effective answers than pinpointing "trigger foods" and taking dangerous drugs!


You now know the 3 dangers of Crohn's and how to fight them...and chances are excellent that you are about to feel a WHOLE lot better very soon!

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